Our current way of producing and consuming food causes serious problems with drastic ecological consequences. We urgently need to integrate new ingredients into our daily menus. Mealworms are a viable alternative to this damaging food system. They are eco-friendly, resource- and place-saving, nutritious and above all super delicious. However, humans are very reluctant to change their eating habits. As insects are still unfamiliar in many food-cultures the foreign food must first of all be integrated in peoples’ everyday life. The MEAL-WORM as MEAL-NORM project aims to establish the consumption of mealworms in our society.
With a mobile foodtruck for the public space, in which the insects can be bred, cooked and distributed, people are actively brought into contact with the unfamiliar food and motivated to try the unknown ingredient. In addition, in stark contrast to other ways of producing foods of animal origin, here the breeding does not take place hidden behind the doors of factory halls but transparent in immediate proximity. The places where we consume food and the places where we produce it grow closer together again and merge in one object.